Billy Aloha - Our Story

Billy Aloha was a daydream to redefine and reinvent resort wear. 
Designer Sean Billy Taylor created a brand drawing on his love for tropical aesthetics with clean modern lines.  As an Australian native, he draws influence from the heartbeat of Sydney and Melbournes grungy fashion scenes and brings it together with Hawaii’s jungle landscapes, crisp ocean cliffs, and bright blue waters. 
Cultivating a culture in itself, Billy Aloha lives in the sands of the islands, thrives on a cabana culture, the rhythms of a pulsing city, and the thrill of traveling with no itinerary. 
Billy Aloha is for the modern travelers, the weekenders, the loud and disruptive, and those whose happy hour lasts all week. 
From butter soft tees to our linen shirts, Billy Aloha garments are crafted mostly in California using only the highest quality materials. 
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